A Day with my Boy (sort of)

Sporting his fuzzy hoody and Lego apparel from Doc Suze.

My district gives the teachers MLK day, and Tony’s district gives the teachers President’s day, and both districts give the kids both days. So. Today is my day. We sent our Daddy off to school (inservice), then worked on The Girl’s science project board.

We then took her and dropped her off to go a-girl-scoutin’. Then, I took The Boy to get a donut. There is no Shipley’s near where we deposited Victoria, so we just had to stop at a place that said “donut” on it.

BUT, BUT, BUT. . .Oh! Joy! They had OAK FARMS CHOCOLATE MILK, MOMMA. Thad dearly loves Oak Farms chocolate milk–served in Cy-Fair but NOT in Magnolia. It is one of the few complaints he has about his “new” school district. So. The Boy is full ‘o donuts and milk–a bag of donut holes, a chocolate iced with sprinkles, and very nearly ALL of a pint of (Oak Farms chocolate) milk.

I win Mother of the Year. Just don’t tell the nutrition police.

He is now playing Lego Indiana Jones ON THE PHONE with his best buddy, Thomas. I swanee, it is so much fun to hear him play with his friend. They are on speaker. Their conversation began thusly:

Thad: Hey, Thomas?
Thomas: HEY THAD!!!! GUESS WHAT I GOT?????!!!!!!!
Thad: What?
Thomas: FERNO 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thad: NO. WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thomas: WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a fire in the fireplace. It is damp and chilly. (They are now discussing Star Wars. . .something about Darth Maul and a guy who got chopped in half. “That is so messed up!” declares Thad.)
Thomas is now humming. . .this is how you play with your buddy when he lives 20 miles away. . .

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