I have a friend. His name is David. He has known me since I was about 12. And obnoxious. And loud. And emotional. Wait. . .am I still 12????

No. Seriously. David Mathews was my Bible teacher in 8th, 10th, and 12th grades at the little school where Sarah and I attended. He had an office upstairs in the gym in the chapel area–which was also where we did our plays–and I spent A LOT of time there. I called him Mr. Mathews then. Until my Senior year. Then I think I may have called him Mathews. . .or David. But not in class.

Eighteen years ago this June, David laid his father to rest, then drove at break-neck speed to northeastern Louisiana to perform my wedding ceremony. Seriously.

Needless to say, I love David Mathews. . .and his wife Debbie AND their four children (who wouldn’t know me from Adam. . .hey, one of their kids IS Adam) and their grand kids who REALLY don’t know me.

I just found out about this: Spark of Life Grief Recovery Retreats. (This is a link, but it’s not turning blue for some reason.)

David and Debbie are the lead counselors, and it is *FREE* to anyone who has experienced grief or loss. David had this to say, “We have some openings for our Spark of Life Grief Recovery Retreat at Tanglewood Resort – north of Dallas – Feb. 17-20 – This is FREE for anyone who has experienced loss, or anyone in the helping profession who works with those who have experienced loss – all food, rooms, materials provided by folks who care – tell others – register at. .

If you know someone who needs this, please send this information on to them. If they cannot make the February date, there are other dates available on the website.

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