Time on computer for grad school =’s

No time to read OR write blogs. Not that I spend ALL of my computer time on grad school stuff, but EGADS, there is much of it spent there. And did you know that life is BUSY??? Seriously. That one snuck up on me. Kind of like the fact that “snuck” is underlined in red. . .should it be “sneaked?” Sneaked is NOT underlined in red. Oh. My. Word. I SERIOUSLY did not know that “snuck” is not a word. I might need to lie down.

There are many things to tell you. Beginning with the fact that I am, in fact, in graduate school. Online. To become a school librarian. This just in time to see the state of Texas (via Big Government) dump gasoline all over public education funding (which includes school districts, mind you), then dance around it throwing lit matches all willy-nilly.

I attended a Ladies’ Retreat this past weekend at the beach. The beach on a cold, cloudy, windy January day is STILL the beach. Just sayin’. Beach=’s calming waves and GREAT BIG VISTAS and teeny-weeny lavender mussel shells. And also watching God answer a prayer (not mine. . .I just got to help) right out in the big ‘ole middle of broad daylight. It was amazing.

I also “met” (at the retreat) a gal who attends the same smallish congregation I attend. She sits sort of back and to the left. I sit WAY DOWN FRONT and to the right. Our paths have not crossed, though she has often seen the backs of my families’ heads and asked if my husband was, “the tall blond.” ANYWAY. Turns out she lives about 3 miles from here and has HORSES. Upon learning that fact, I immediately said, “Oh. Melanie. Can I come and SMELL your horses?!?!?!?!? I mean, I would LOVE to ride one, but if I can’t do that, can I just SMELL them?????” She said she knew we were kindred spirits already from that moment and said I could most definitely come and smell her horses. Horses smell good. That is a scent that is all wrapped up in my childhood and etched deeply into my sensory memory. Horses=sugar cubes and the clink-clink fence and Nanny and Grandaddy’s house.

I got to see my friend, Rebecca, for the SECOND time in December. I got to see her for the FIRST time LAST December. And I took photos both times and wrote blog posts in my head about meeting her and how cool it was and is that this medium has brought me such a wonderful friend to actually meet in real life. . .who lets me hold her babies. But I’ve not written diddly. (Hello, Becky. I love you. And all half dozen of your babies). Rebecca=yummy baked goods. And a whole lot more.

Today we had rolling black outs all over Houston. Some of them didn’t so much roll as sort of flop. In my school district, they DID roll. . .about 40 minutes on and 40 minutes off. We did not know, at first, what was what. Evidently some other part of Texas (or the country) needed to borrow some of our power on The Grid. So, seeing as how we were at a balmy 25 degrees, we loaned it to them. It was an interesting day to say the least. Tony stayed in the cafeteria with the students of his middle school pretty much all the live-long day. We were all warm, and dry, and fed, and not in any danger. ‘Tis better to LOAN electricity than to be in a place that NEEDS the loan. For sure.

What else. Hmmm. . .I miss writing here. I miss writing period. I miss putting pen to paper and fingers to keys to send little missives hurtling cross country via the postal system and internet connections.

Right now? My fingers are COLD. It is 63 degrees in my house (we use propane and must conserve), and 29 degrees outside my house. Time to climb under the “electrical” blanket as Thad calls it for a long winter’s nap. Or at least a good night’s sleep.


2 thoughts on “Time on computer for grad school =’s

  1. I hope you get a good long whiff of horse soon. Glad you got beach time. Thank you for the electricity. It has not been in the 20’s since sometime on Tuesday when it was hurtling from the 70’s late Monday afternoon into the teens by Tuesday and it is supposed to be 5 tonight. Yes, you can put the degrees on your hand.

    For. The. Love. This is why I live in Texas — so that you need LOTS of fingers and toes for the degrees. We might see 20’s again on Friday — FRIDAY– and then, of course, 60 on Saturday. And. P.S. Tomorrow is Day 3 out of school since the roads are a solid sheet of ice (we did have a huge hailstorm, then sleet before the snow as the temp was plummeting into the teens). You know it’s bad if the TAKS controllers will give us a day off the day before! (and it is BAD!)

    I know the Lord has great things for that graduate degree — and He is way bigger than those goofies in the Texas state legislature.

  2. I haven’t blogged anything at ALL, so you’re tern steps ahead of the girl who isn’t in grad school. And seriously, you’re in grad school??? Who knew?! You’d make a killer librarian.

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