*Proud Momma Alert*

My daughter attends a Jr. High of about 900. Of those 900, about half are in Pre-AP (advanced placement) science. All of the Pre-AP kids had to do science fair projects, including MY Pre-AP kid. Now, bear in mind that she DOES live in a house with two school teachers (one of which TEACHES pre-AP science for her grade at her school), but we are ALSO very much HANDS-OFF when it comes to doing our kids work. We NEVER “played school” when she was younger, but her Daddy DID begin bringing home “Magic Schoolbus” videos when she was about 18 months old, and Bill Nye when she was about 3. The highlight of her kindergarten year was MEETING Bill Nye at the Museum of Natural Science.

ANYWAY. Her project was chosen (by her teacher) to compete in the school fair. Her project was one of about 30 chosen from her school (by all of the science teachers, names were on the back so no one except HER teacher and her Daddy knew it was hers)to go to the district fair. Her project was one of about 60 jr. high projects at the district fair (judged by impartial judges from the science field corporations), and she won 3RD PLACE IN THE DISTRICT for the category of Physics: Engineering. She now advances to the regional science fair for the greater Houston area.

Her project was to determine which of three insulators will keep a soft drink can coolest: styro-foam, cardboard, or fiberglass. There was also a control. She helped her Daddy build the box then ran the experiment twice, did all of her reports and journal, and I just helped arrange and attach stuff to her board.

We are proud. Proud. Proud. And we have 16 people coming to our house for lunch tomorrow, so I’ve not uploaded the photos. BUT–I couldn’t wait to proclaim it!!!

The cans were chilled to the same temperature (checked by a probe thermometer to ensure consistent temperatures) and placed in a 12″x12″ box made of 3//4″ plywood with a small hole drilled in the top for the probe thermometer to read the temperature of the soda at 15 minute intervals. Obviously, the control lost. So. . .which of the three insulators do you think her experiment showed to be the best at keeping a soft drink can the coolest?

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3 thoughts on “*Proud Momma Alert*

  1. Hurray and congratulations, Victoria! And I know you are so proud, Roxanne. And I think it it great that she has two teachers as parents, with her dad a science teacher to boot! You guys deserve some credit because you have done a good job in preparing her and instilling in her a great love of learning.

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