Create or Die

I have told you of my quirks before. . .remember the whole even vs. odd number thing???? So–this is not a quirk–this is a NECESSITY. Sometimes I have to do something creative. . .something pretty. . .something whimsical or I feel like I will shrivel up and die. Literally. Either that or really injure someone.

So. Today was one of those days as writing about library trends (though helping me to attain my masters) is not what I consider “creative.” Or pretty. After school, I betook myself to Hobby Lobby and there I found (DRUM ROLL PLEASE). . .

INSPIRATION for the Mother & Daughter Luncheon. If you are in the habit of being invited, you are invited again this year. We are decorating with blue and white (pink flowers) in an Anthropologie eclectic style, using my blue and white dishes and gee-gaws, borrowing a lovely cloth pennant banner from my friend Daphne, even kicking around the possibility of having it in the clearing.

ANYWAY. I found THESE PLATES on the CLEARANCE aisle. I love these plates. I love that they were on CLEARANCE. I love that they have birds on them. And Robin’s egg blue eggs. And SCRIPTURE. And MOST of all I love that when I described them to Victoria over the phone (since she is now old enough to have SEVERAL OPINIONS), her exact words–SIGHT UNSEEN–were, “Oh, Mommy!!! I LOVE THEM ALREADY!!!!”

I will pair them with some blue and white napkins I found at IKEA several years ago–like five or more–and look it. CUTENESS. (We also have some blue and white bandana napkins from Target last year that will work their way in as well.)

We have chosen the font and the quote for the invitation. See?

Who knew Robin Williams would say ANYTHING appropriate to put on a girly luncheon invitation? Will wonders never cease?

THEN–in the midst of finding out that one of my professors had given me a zero for an assignment I turned in. . .and having to take it up with her via e-mail. . .and folding laundry. . .and sniffing VEHEMENTLY with my fourth cold of the school year???? I thought of a cupcake decor idea!!!! Oh yes, indeedy, I did. And I told Victoria–and she bounced around–but THAT will be a surprise for later.

This is what I LOVE doing. . .this makes me HAPPY. This does not CAUSE stress–it ALLEVIATES stress. Stress is caused by all of the OTHER things I have to do–like work on something other than lovely, creative things. (Click on photos to see BIG.)


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