A picture and a prayer

I went for a drive yesterday. It was VERY nice–perfect sky–perfect light. I have photos. Alas, I have no time. But here is one–errr. . .2.

Yes, they are REALLY this color. . .and they smell DIVINE.

I put these particular ones here in honor of sweet Cassidi in my 7th period class. She has had two unexplained seizures in the past couple of months, the second and most serious today shortly after she left my reading class to go home. She is in Texas Childrens Hospital awaiting some more tests. Her mom is a teacher in the district, and Cassidi has an identical twin, Carli. She is such a sweet, lovely JOY to have that before spring break when the kids were WY-ULD, I moved her and another sweetie (Mica) up to the front of the room where I normally put the “bad kids” so I could look at SWEET kids for a change. It brightens the room. I highly recommend it.

Anyway–pray for Cassidi. And enjoy the photo of the pretty, FUCHSIA flowers.

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2 thoughts on “A picture and a prayer

  1. I am a dork. It took me three tries to figure out what “WY-ULD” meant. I read that sentence over and over and then I finally got it… or read it how you meant it! WILD! I am slow. And literal/ I thought it was an acronym, and I could NOT figure out what the letters meant! I wondered if it was a school jargon and I felt pretty dumb… and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

    ANYway, I hope Cassidi is doing better. Also, I LOVE the photos, and can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

  2. Beautiful flowers. Our daffodils have bloomed but it got down to 26 last night so I haven’t checked to see if they are still standing – winter is back for the time being. *sigh*

    My thoughts and prayers go out to seet Cassidi. She really does sound like a joy.

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