What I saw THIS Sunday

Which, by the time you read this, will be yesterday. (And, Sarah, the car was either STOPPED at a red light or PARKED while taking all of these photos.) Last Sunday was sunny and in Texas. . .this Sunday was cloudy and spanned two states. I’m a gypsy, I tell ya!

I ACTUALLY saw this at about 6:15 on Friday evening.

A barn on the Perryville road. I would like to move that oak, and I was too well brought up to scale the fence and trespass to get a better shot.

Plus, this stallion was in the paddock, and though I am not traditionally scared of horse, I think he might have been cussing me out. He was, at the very least, snorting. His mare was nearby.

This does not even do it justice. I will try again this summer. . .it's a lovely curve.

Directives AND Directions from the Louisiana Highways Department

And all of that information is at the border of Morehouse. . .

. . .and Ouachita Parishes. (That is "Wash-ih-taw" –short i in "ih"–for those of you that live in counties.)”

This is BARELY over the border into Texas. I coveted.

Overlooking the gorgeous wisteria, I do believe this house has a story.

Wish I knew what it was.

This particular visit was like good medicine. . .and I missed the kids being with me, but it was nice to have Momma all to myself!!!


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