And in other news

We also have a daughter. She looks REMARKABLY like her Daddy as well. And also her Aunt (her Daddy’s sister)–until we go to Louisiana. Then she looks like ME, ME, ME!!!!!

Laughing at something
Explaining her science project to an interested party at the most recent school board meeting.
With the school board President--otherwise known as "Mr. Cecil" when we see him at church. 🙂
With her principal and her Daddy. Poor thing looks dwarfed. Her daddy is 6' and Mr. Principal is at least 6'4".
With her church buddy, Amanda, who happened to be at the board meeting as well. Both girls were Student of the Month for April at their respective campuses, and Amanda was leading the pledge.
Victoria with her "Good Job Girly" shake. She won 3rd place in the physics division of the district science fair, then advanced to Houston Area Regionals thus her recognition by the school board. And she participated in Bible Bowl. And she is going to participate in the state Science UIL tournament. And she will be inducted into National Jr. Honor Society in two weeks. And she REALLY likes that shake.
She can also tie her hair into three knots. Talent like this must be shared with the world.
Just 5 (VERY SHORT) years ago. . .
And 12 (even SHORTER) years ago.

I might need to lie down again.


2 thoughts on “And in other news

  1. Woohoo, Victoria. Such a sweet girl, and the hair knots are truly admirable. BTW, I will be in the Magnolia area starting tomorrow for a few days, and may (don’t know for sure), but may be at your church on Sunday.

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