*Blank is as blank does.* Fill in the blank.

“Pretty is as pretty does.” Antiquity
“Stupid is as stupid does.” Forrest’s Momma
“Smart is as smart does.” I just made this one up

In all seriousness. . .loved this quote from NieNie over on this blog today.
“Pretty isn’t in a dress, a lipstick, or a perfect body. Pretty radiates from a confident, feminine, comfortable soul. Dress your soul in these qualities first, and you will look beautiful no matter how simply you are dressed.”

My daughter has a beautiful soul. She always has. I find her to be absolutely, positively, beyond the shadow of a doubt GORGEOUS. But her soul–well, that is indescribable.

Tonight she was honored for her brains–inducted into the National Junior Honor Society along with about one hundred of her classmates. She had on no lipstick. Her body is all arms and legs and elbows still. But she DID have on a very pretty dress. That being said, her smile–her goodness–her friendliness and genuine, unconditional love and concern for those around her. . .her conscientious attention to feelings, details, assignments, rules. . .it all adds up to one really, really lovely, shiny, beautiful soul. I am blessed to be her Momma.

Victoria is as Victoria does. And Victoria DOES radiate the beauty that God painted on her pretty soul before he sent her to shine her lovely light all over me.


6 thoughts on “*Blank is as blank does.* Fill in the blank.

  1. So proud, so happy!! Thank you for sharing this momentous occasion with us.
    Thank you also for Sunday’s bouquet. It is still fresh and fragrant. Happy weekend to come.
    The Fontes Family.

  2. Roxanne,
    You could not have a more beautiful family…GORGEOUS!! Victoria, congratulations on your induction to the Honor Society. Beauty and brains…what a powerful combination 😉

  3. (trying not to be annoyed– you’re the 3rd person to mention the National Junior Honor Society that we evidently know not of in these here parts. Whatever. Only 21 more days in these here parts).

    She is truly a beauty.

  4. Good for her! I think stuff like this is good in the way it may boost a kid’s confidence and reward things like ‘making good grades.’ Society rewards sport accomplishments, and truly, academics is not rewarded often enough. And as for her mama: Proud is as proud does 🙂

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