Almost Like Normal

Sarah recently summed up April as eloquently at ANY poet:

And every April looks just like the last where I finish out the month with disheveled hair and wild eyes screaming, “What was THAT??”

My April was very much like that. Granted, I knew it going in. I KNEW that there was going to be something every, blessed weekend–most things out of town–and that it was going to be crazy, so I’d better reign my own crazy in good and tight. But today was the first Saturday in May and here is what I did:

awoke at 10:15 a.m. already planning a nap later on
-ate breakfast
-did some stuff (that I can’t really remember at the moment)
-got the Thomas tracks down from the attic for The Boy
-sorted Thomas tracks so The Boy could build
-fell asleep on the twin bed in the craft room where the boy was building
-took the children to a birthday party
-went to Las Fuentes and had chips, a bowl of bean soup, and tea
-wandered around Office Max
-wandered around Target and purchased things both necessary (cat food and a baby shower gift) and not (really cute pencils, a purse that was on clearance)
-scurried through Kroger grabbing things to feed my Computer Tech brother-in-law (Tony’s sister’s husband) who takes care of our computers and deserves some good food for his effort
-picked the kids up from the party
-bought burgers for dinner while everyone else prepared communion at church for tomorrow
-sat down and typed my list

It’s almost like normal around here, and I LOVE it.


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