May 17th–Not a popular blogging day

I began this blog in February, 2006. Over the course of the past five years, I have blogged on May 17th all of twice. There is a very good reason for this. It is called “end-of-the-school-year.” There is a spike in posting end of April/beginning of May as I rise to take a deep breath before the final plunge. . .then there is silence except for a few little air bubbles popping to the surface to show that I am alive somewhere under the water.

And I am. I am alive. And summer vacation will come, and I will sleep most of my first week out of school (which is, again, a week later than my family this year) and that will dump us straight into VBS which will dump us into the next thing and the next. . .and you get it. But, for right now, it’s that insane time. Below are my May 17-ish blog posts from the past few years. Enter at your own risk.

May 17, 2008

May 16, 2010

Seredipity May 12, 2010


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