It is the end of school ’round here. We are able to count down the days on our hands. Tony and the kids have a few less days than me–but we won’t TALK about that now, because I have some BRAGGING to do. (BTW, I am using a borrowed camera, so I can’t guarantee the quality as the camera is FINE, but I am used to my own–which is elsewhere getting cleaned.)

Here are my children. They are good kids–both of them. On a daily basis you may find their halos to be lopsided and their wings to be a bit dusty and in need of some preening (or in Thad’s case, some deodorant), but all in all I am one proud Momma. Actually, I’m probably proud enough for TWO Mommas. . .

Last night Thad bridged to Webelos for Scouts and got various and sundry belt-slide thingies and arrow points and another badge. He was just glad to have more hardware on his scout belt–it’s all about the belt loops, people. He had his Daddy attach it immediately, then gave a little whoop and jump as he hustled back to his spot in the Bears Den 2 line.

Tonight was the MJH awards ceremony where Victoria was honored as Outstanding Pre-AP science student for Ms. Pruitt’s class. Her friends, Kate and Jessica, were honored as well–Jessica, interestingly enough, as the Outstanding Pre-AP science student in Mr. LANGLEY’S class.

The flowers were from her teacher. So sweet.

And it SEEMS like just yesterday that I posted about May 17th not being a popular blogging day. . .alas, it was today, May 18th, that I posted that revelation.

I got the date wrong.


I think that about says it all.

(“Tupelo Honey” by Van Morrison is playing from my computer speakers right this second. . .I think I need to have that piped into my sub-conscious from now until June 3rd.)


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