Ownin’ it.

So, I here willingly admit that I have spend the past two SOLID hours (except for a phone call when I was also googling to see satellite shots) playing various Mah-jong and Solitaire games on Webkinz. Seriously. I prefer their Tile Towers (Mah-jong) and solitaire to any other. My children aren’t even within 15 miles of my house. I have played mindless games and had a diet coke and listened to music and no one has asked me ONE BLOOMIN’ THING.

Why yes, I COULD have done much more productive things with the past two uninterrupted hours–cleaning up my craft room for instance, cleaning up anything, watching a movie, taking a nap, reading a book. . .but this was EXACTLY what I wanted to do. And I LOVED it.

The end.


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