Gone to Galveston

Back soon. . .



When Victoria was a baby, I loved watching her–of course–that is QUITE an enlightening statement no? A young mother loved watching her first-born child. WOW!!!! What I meant to say was, I loved watching her discover things, explore, experiment, play. . .I loved watching her furrowed brow as she focused so intently on something that she looked like the angriest baby EVER.

Pardon the picture of a picture. I have some scanning to do. And is that photo not HILARIOUS. She was 9 days old.

She is still as intense–still as focused, but watching her NOW is seeing where she is headed. She amazes me–sometimes on a daily basis with her questions, her abilities, her bravery, her intuition, her grace, her ability to put people at ease and converse with people of all ages.

When she was at yearbook camp, she won an award. Out of several hundred attendees, she won third place for original photography. I know this is a techy-age, but the most technologically advanced gizmo my children own is a Nintendo 64 that sweet Stephanie sent them out of pity. That being said, Victoria passed by her friend who was taking her hair down, saw the shot, told her to freeze, decided on black and white and VOILA!!!

Winning photo untouched and straight out of the camera

In the blue sand at year book camp.

To love this child is to be stunningly amazed while on the edge of terror every, single day. . .I am watching her while she is watching me. Thankfully, God is watching BOTH of us.

Self-portrait, June, 2011, very nearly 13

The Boy

Setting: End of school, kitchen, 6:15 a.m. Thad is completely entranced with his new Make Your Own Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book that he received for Victoria Day. They are running late.

Me: Thad, you need to concentrate on getting in the car and going to school.
Thad: I laugh in the face of getting in the car and going to school. Mwahhahahaha. . .

Setting: Same stinkin’ morning. . .Thad’s DADDY walks into the kitchen. . .Thad is still pouring over his book, pencil in hand, brow furrowed.

Tony: Boy, are ya ready to go to school? (This question is asked rather facetiously.)
Thad: No. Not really.

Setting: Today, kitchen, kids are going with Tony to meet Victoria’s new Girl Scout Leader and to give blood (Tony–not the kids) and I am staying here. Thad arrives next to me three minutes before departure after having been sent to brush his teeth. . .then put on a shirt. . .then wash his face–all separate things. His hair STILL looks like he fought a war.

Me: Thad. Go into your closet, look on the floor, get the blue brush (Why is your brush in your closet, son?), and bring it to me.
Thad: Why? Are you going to brush your hair?

Thad came to me yesterday and told me he had written a song. The tune was rather catchy (though the first line had me a little concerned), but you will just have to imagine the tune

I’m in love with a pretty girl, and a pretty girl loves me
Because I am megalodon fossil and she’s a paleontologist. . .

Oh. My. Goodness.

(BTW, if you read this and are in the habit of SEEING Thad or TALKING to Thad, do NOT mention the song. . .I would be in BIG trouble, thus instituting the shoulder droop.)

And DID YOU KNOW that you can combine ALL of these Hero 2.0 characters into one Mega Hero? Alas. You can.

What a weekend (in reverse)

So, we kind of have a huge wild fire very, very near our house. Like two miles away kind of near. The only thing that kept us in our house and not evacuated was prevailing winds from the south, and the fire is north of us. It’s still there despite our first rain in several months that arrived in the early hours of the morning Wednesday. Nearly 6,000 acres have burned, 30 homes, 20 buildings, and a lot of live-stock have been lost. It is a sad, sad thing. As of 10:00 Wed. night, the fire was 75% contained, and hopefully that won’t change tomorrow if the sun is out and the wind is back. Meanwhile, we are so thankful to be spared and very prayerful for those who have lost everything. The fire began when someone was cooking on their grill, but things are so dry that it takes merely a spark to create a conflagration.

That storm cloud is actually smoke from the fire about 45 minutes after it started. We started hearing siren after siren at 4:00 Sunday afternoon.

We went to explore a bit, then got out of the way. That black smoke at the bottom is someone's propane tank exploding--that means they lost their home as well.

The day BEFORE the wildfire excitement, Saturday, Tony arrived home with an ice-chest full of blue crabs.

It always amazes me that something THAT blue can turn so VIBRANTLY orange.

Victoria got a little too friendly with a particularly large one (7 1/2 inches across) who’d not been under the ice and was a bit cranky. She has been wearing a band-aid since. Ouch. Since she was a little bitty thing, she has been handling crabs, so I’m glad this happened at nearly 13 and not at 3.

Mr. Cranky is the blur in the bottom right corner. . .Victoria dropped him in the water AFTER her Daddy had buried him in the ice for awhile to settle him down a bit. Retribution.

And on Friday, the kids and I went to see Kung Fu Panda 2. (Thad corrected me every time I left off the “2.” He said that it might CONFUSE someone if I wasn’t specific. Ahem.) After, the kids and I ran into a store to get some shrimp and my mother (who was about 300 mile away at the time) bought my birthday present (which is 6 weeks away).

I called her and said, “Would you like to buy me a bird bath for my birthday?” even though I already KNEW what the answer would be.

Isn’t that pretty???

Protracted Party (and plenty of Heather)

Here are some more shots from Thad’s party. (The slideshow is something I’ve not done before–it goes a little fast, but move your mouse across the bottom of the photo and the square in the middle will stop it so you can see what’s what.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A good time was had by all, and thank GOODNESS the cake is gone. Devil’s food (Duncan Hines) with cream cheese & chocolate cream cheese frosting (home-made). The boy got Legos and then some. ‘Twas a good day.


Our first trip of the summer–it was just a couple of days, but we enjoyed it all. We’ll be back in July!!!!!

New computer screen saver for summer

'Twas a pretty day

Hello, friend. We left the stale bread at home. Sorry.

Summertime boy

New necklace purchases from Murdock's.

I am fascinated with this shell

It is VERY large

Seriously--how did they make this?

The detail and accuracy is amazing.

"Look, Momma. I'm givin' the dragon some attitude." (Thad)

These kids. . .whose are they anyway?

Victoria DID go to yoga with me a time or three.

Their Daddy made a hole in one in the fish's mouth (actually in a frog's mouth that was at the end of a VERY narrow ramp INSIDE the fish's mouth) to win a free round for next time.

One blackberry tongue and one blue bubblegum.

To quote Victoria, “I love Galveston!!!”