Our first trip of the summer–it was just a couple of days, but we enjoyed it all. We’ll be back in July!!!!!

New computer screen saver for summer

'Twas a pretty day

Hello, friend. We left the stale bread at home. Sorry.

Summertime boy

New necklace purchases from Murdock's.

I am fascinated with this shell

It is VERY large

Seriously--how did they make this?

The detail and accuracy is amazing.

"Look, Momma. I'm givin' the dragon some attitude." (Thad)

These kids. . .whose are they anyway?

Victoria DID go to yoga with me a time or three.

Their Daddy made a hole in one in the fish's mouth (actually in a frog's mouth that was at the end of a VERY narrow ramp INSIDE the fish's mouth) to win a free round for next time.

One blackberry tongue and one blue bubblegum.

To quote Victoria, “I love Galveston!!!”

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