What a weekend (in reverse)

So, we kind of have a huge wild fire very, very near our house. Like two miles away kind of near. The only thing that kept us in our house and not evacuated was prevailing winds from the south, and the fire is north of us. It’s still there despite our first rain in several months that arrived in the early hours of the morning Wednesday. Nearly 6,000 acres have burned, 30 homes, 20 buildings, and a lot of live-stock have been lost. It is a sad, sad thing. As of 10:00 Wed. night, the fire was 75% contained, and hopefully that won’t change tomorrow if the sun is out and the wind is back. Meanwhile, we are so thankful to be spared and very prayerful for those who have lost everything. The fire began when someone was cooking on their grill, but things are so dry that it takes merely a spark to create a conflagration.

That storm cloud is actually smoke from the fire about 45 minutes after it started. We started hearing siren after siren at 4:00 Sunday afternoon.

We went to explore a bit, then got out of the way. That black smoke at the bottom is someone's propane tank exploding--that means they lost their home as well.

The day BEFORE the wildfire excitement, Saturday, Tony arrived home with an ice-chest full of blue crabs.

It always amazes me that something THAT blue can turn so VIBRANTLY orange.

Victoria got a little too friendly with a particularly large one (7 1/2 inches across) who’d not been under the ice and was a bit cranky. She has been wearing a band-aid since. Ouch. Since she was a little bitty thing, she has been handling crabs, so I’m glad this happened at nearly 13 and not at 3.

Mr. Cranky is the blur in the bottom right corner. . .Victoria dropped him in the water AFTER her Daddy had buried him in the ice for awhile to settle him down a bit. Retribution.

And on Friday, the kids and I went to see Kung Fu Panda 2. (Thad corrected me every time I left off the “2.” He said that it might CONFUSE someone if I wasn’t specific. Ahem.) After, the kids and I ran into a store to get some shrimp and my mother (who was about 300 mile away at the time) bought my birthday present (which is 6 weeks away).

I called her and said, “Would you like to buy me a bird bath for my birthday?” even though I already KNEW what the answer would be.

Isn’t that pretty???


4 thoughts on “What a weekend (in reverse)

    Good to hear you are getting rain.Hope you get more.
    Hope Victoria’s finger feels better. Nothing like a bite that hurts to incite a little urge for retribution!

  2. Hope the house is still safe. Hate the tragedy.

    I, too, love your birdbath. My FAVORITE part of my house that Troy bought for me that I didn’t see until I moved in is the birdbath left in the back flower beds. I LOVE a good bird bath! (Mine isn’t as colorful as yours, however…). The birdies will love it so.

  3. I think for your bravery and trust in having your husband buy an ENTIRE house sight-unseen by YOU, you deserve the color-fullest of colorful birdbaths.

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