The Boy

Setting: End of school, kitchen, 6:15 a.m. Thad is completely entranced with his new Make Your Own Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book that he received for Victoria Day. They are running late.

Me: Thad, you need to concentrate on getting in the car and going to school.
Thad: I laugh in the face of getting in the car and going to school. Mwahhahahaha. . .

Setting: Same stinkin’ morning. . .Thad’s DADDY walks into the kitchen. . .Thad is still pouring over his book, pencil in hand, brow furrowed.

Tony: Boy, are ya ready to go to school? (This question is asked rather facetiously.)
Thad: No. Not really.

Setting: Today, kitchen, kids are going with Tony to meet Victoria’s new Girl Scout Leader and to give blood (Tony–not the kids) and I am staying here. Thad arrives next to me three minutes before departure after having been sent to brush his teeth. . .then put on a shirt. . .then wash his face–all separate things. His hair STILL looks like he fought a war.

Me: Thad. Go into your closet, look on the floor, get the blue brush (Why is your brush in your closet, son?), and bring it to me.
Thad: Why? Are you going to brush your hair?

Thad came to me yesterday and told me he had written a song. The tune was rather catchy (though the first line had me a little concerned), but you will just have to imagine the tune

I’m in love with a pretty girl, and a pretty girl loves me
Because I am megalodon fossil and she’s a paleontologist. . .

Oh. My. Goodness.

(BTW, if you read this and are in the habit of SEEING Thad or TALKING to Thad, do NOT mention the song. . .I would be in BIG trouble, thus instituting the shoulder droop.)

And DID YOU KNOW that you can combine ALL of these Hero 2.0 characters into one Mega Hero? Alas. You can.

Tell me what ya think.

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