When Victoria was a baby, I loved watching her–of course–that is QUITE an enlightening statement no? A young mother loved watching her first-born child. WOW!!!! What I meant to say was, I loved watching her discover things, explore, experiment, play. . .I loved watching her furrowed brow as she focused so intently on something that she looked like the angriest baby EVER.

Pardon the picture of a picture. I have some scanning to do. And is that photo not HILARIOUS. She was 9 days old.

She is still as intense–still as focused, but watching her NOW is seeing where she is headed. She amazes me–sometimes on a daily basis with her questions, her abilities, her bravery, her intuition, her grace, her ability to put people at ease and converse with people of all ages.

When she was at yearbook camp, she won an award. Out of several hundred attendees, she won third place for original photography. I know this is a techy-age, but the most technologically advanced gizmo my children own is a Nintendo 64 that sweet Stephanie sent them out of pity. That being said, Victoria passed by her friend who was taking her hair down, saw the shot, told her to freeze, decided on black and white and VOILA!!!

Winning photo untouched and straight out of the camera
In the blue sand at year book camp.

To love this child is to be stunningly amazed while on the edge of terror every, single day. . .I am watching her while she is watching me. Thankfully, God is watching BOTH of us.

Self-portrait, June, 2011, very nearly 13

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