Well, she did it. . .with my grudging permission I might add.

I’m not real crazy about this whole growing up thing, but I can no more stop it than I can the gray in my hair–which is more easily managed than growing up I hear.

Basket for her awesome pink bike from last year's birthday.

She's already 5'1, and I fear she will keep growing into those arms.

This is not our first rainbow themed birthday, but it IS our first rainbow birthday cake. A surprise for the girl that I managed to keep until it was baking.

For the how to, go HERE. There is some commentary and language that is as colorful as the cake, so you might just want to look at the photos and skip the post. I followed the directions (which are very clear and easy to follow) for pouring but didn’t use her Weight Watchers cake and frosting recipes.

What I did:
Used TWO cake mixes to make sure the cake was tall and full–followed box directions.
1 white cake mix (to keep the cake as white as possible)
1 French vanilla cake mix (to give it some extra flavor)

Tweaked the eggs to keep it from being too yellow
2 whole eggs
4 egg whites

Used Wilton gel food coloring that I have normally used to tint frosting. I used the no-taste red and added some hot pink to the red to keep it from being too orange.

I used seven colors rather than six, because PINK is ALWAYS part of Victoria’s rainbow.

The cake was moist and tasted JUST LIKE regular cake–no chemical flavor at all because the gel is so concentrated it didn’t take a lot.

And, now, we are off again. We have kept the roads busy this summer, and we’re not done yet. This might be the first time I need school to start so I can rest!!!


4 thoughts on “Teenager

  1. Carolyn

    I love her smile! I know she had a wonderful 13th birthday!….What a “wing span”! All she needs are blue birds on each hand! The cake looks fantastic!

  2. THAT is a rainbow cake to end all rainbow cakes. Well done, mama. Happy birthday to the sweet teenage girl. And happy birthday to you!! I hope you get to pause and celebrate today!

  3. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VICTORIA! And Happy Birthday to you!!!! Can’t believe she is a teenager. Secondly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cake and request that we figure out a reason for you to make me one sometime. Maybe I can come visit in Houston, and we can have our own personal baby shower complete with rainbow cake.

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