We’re over here

I feel as though I have run a marathon, y’all. Seriously. Wow, what a summer. That’s about all I can say. WOW!!! Below are photos from church camp–FUN, HOT, INJURIES, SLEEP DEPRIVATION, MORE FUN, INSIDE JOKES, SWEAT, TEARS, HUGS, MORE FUN–you know, all that church camp should be.

I was behind the camera.

Some of these are camp friend, some church friends, ALL GOOD friends and wonderful, sweet girls.

Inside jokes. . .we had to build new ones as the old inside jokes belonged to the old camp location–we went to a different facility this year. There is NOTHING funnier than camp jokes because the lack of sleep makes anything and everything either “Awesome” or “HYSTERICAL.” For instance, when I now hear, “Tamerica” my inclination will be to reply with either something about football, women, or bacon. Just sayin’.

Thad’s hero, roll model, and snake/armadillo/lizard hunting buddy. This guy is an amazement–crazy smart (masters AND now starting pre-med classes), into all manner of things (the corps at UT, medical missions, etc.), down to earth, athletic, patient, Godly, and he has taken time with my son for the past two summers at camp. His name is Sam, and he is wonderful. ACTUALLY, in this photo they are being their altar egos, Rusty Nails and Pointy Tack–Australian ecologists who have taken a liking to Tamerica–and meat.

Thad was in the “little kids’ tribe” this year. He wasn’t too happy about it, BUT he had a blast. We give Fruit of the Spirit awards to the older campers, and they gave them in the LKT as well. Thad got the award for Patience. Although it’s not just because he HAS patience, but probably because he necessitates it in others. (see photo)

This award was chosen by the counselors. Her Daddy and I (also counselors) had nothing to with it. We nominated other kids for other awards, but this one she got on her own. We are, obviously, very, very proud.

So. That was fun, and we’ve not quite recovered, but life goes on. I have already been to two days of inservice, and Tony is at his first day right now. Momma is on the road to come take care of the kids as we are BOTH full-time on Monday with inservices. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. 🙂


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