I don’t even need a brain guru to interpret this dream


I JUST woke up from a dream where I was at school using the restroom in the girls’ locker room when the bell rang, and where I was sitting became part of the entryway for the p.e. locker rooms–6th-8th graders were EVERYWHERE (there were even two Arnold coaches doing hall duty), and there I sat. I was somewhat taken aback that the boys kept streaming through the girls locker room restroom, but everyone was explaining that it was the way things were done since construction. Then I was at the mall with the little girls from camp. I was helping them buy and wrap presents for their mentors and all I had on was a blanket. Meanwhile they were playing some sort of game in the food court that involved a kick ball. As I was using my blanket to cover both my nudity and the presents I was attempting to wrap, a guy I went to school with (he was 3 or 4 years older than me–I couldn’t even tell you his name, but he looked like his high school self and was wearing overalls and a muscle shirt) walked up and handed me a basket full of folded laundry. It was my basket and my laundry. I had left it in the food court on a table in a pile. I hugged him and told him that had made my day. He said, “Well, I was with my friend who was reading his Bible, and we saw your laundry and he said, ‘That is what good mothers do’ So I figured this was my chance to help you be a good mother.” After that, I gathered the girls to take them to a movie. I then ended up in a church foyer, but don’t remember what happened there. The last thing I DO remember is stopping on the side of the road (after dark–and it was my old neighborhood street ATTACHED to the country road where I grew up) to have a conversation with my husband. He was driving one of our cars, and I was (still wearing my blanket) driving his 20 year old truck and hauling plants (that I’d picked up at the garden center) in the back. We finally got the cars situated so that we could talk and other vehicles could get through when a troop of people riding bicycles came cycling between us. In the midst of all of that, our conversation was interrupted and we had a small disagreement about how to park the vehicles, but got over it and were waiting to have our chat when the bicyclists came through.

And I have just spent 15 minutes I don’t have typing this up. . .but MAN would all of the brain gurus have a field day in my head.


3 thoughts on “I don’t even need a brain guru to interpret this dream

  1. Wow… Got enough hats there? πŸ™‚ You are only one you. And you are a wonderful you. And you do your best at every job God gives you. God is gracious to redeem the rest. That is plenty and good. Love to you, sister!

  2. I had a dream I couldn’t find the match to my sock. Wonder what the brain guru would say about that one.
    I hope your first day back to school with the kids goes well and that you feel a strength and calmness that is otherworldly πŸ™‚

  3. Wow! I hope everything worked out well once you woke and finished sharing this, or at least that you made it through your day clothed. πŸ˜‰ Hope you find time today to relax–for a few seconds!

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