I photographed a wedding.

Like for real photos with for real people. Totally gratis–sweet (YOUNG) couple from church needed someone with a camera, and I am her. Anyway. . .it was fun (and exhausting). There was another gal there also taking photos. We had met a couple of times before, but I would work with her again and again. We communicated in code from the get-go and had each others’ photographic backs so to speak. It was AWESOME!!! I shot about 1400 photos and am in the process of whittling them down. . .and playing with my settings some too. I need to learn to use photo shop. Srsly.


6 thoughts on “I photographed a wedding.

  1. Michele Parrott

    Very professional looking! I may just call on you for our holiday pictures this fall – IF I get around to them this year (totally ran out of time last year – the holidays kind of snuck up on me)!

  2. It doesn’t take long to take 1400 pictures when the subject matter is so lovely! What a pretty lady, and you really captured her happiness and the feeling in so many moments. I am sure they will treasure those photos for years to come 🙂

  3. Jessica lambros

    Very good pictures. I love the black and whites. Big fan of that. I saw how you and amber just were flying with those cameras. She is doing heath and my wedding but if we can afford it, maybe we shall have two as well. Great pictures.

  4. Rick

    It won’t be long before you go pro. The photographic art has a siren’s call that can be hard to resist. Especially
    when you have natural talent.
    Always be mindful, when you prepare to take the plunge, that the 1%-99% rule is firmly in place. One percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.
    Photography can be rewarding. It made my living for a number of years and I have no particular flair for it. You need to start networking.
    Look at
    http://www.caterinagennaro.com (See: Gallery-Nature)
    http://www.capturingtimephoto.com/ (Ron, a personal friend)
    I love your work.

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