Ummm. . .yeah.

So. At 9:15 on Monday night, we were evacuated from our home due to wildfires in our area–which is the juncture of Waller/Grimes/Montgomery counties. We grabbed the cats, the kids, photo albums, pictures, medicine and hit the road. Tony and the kids have been out of school all week. I missed two days. We are with his mom and dad in the Houston area. Right now our home is safe and so are we, but we are still unable to go home due to the fact that our house is CLOSE to the fire and in the middle of the evacuation zone for our county. Below is the thermal image from the fire YESTERDAY (Thursday 9/8). Due to winds, etc. the situation changes frequently–hotspots pop up, etc. A DC 10 that had been doing fire retardant air drops on the Bastrop fire near Austin was diverted to our area to do some drops. There are also helicopters doing water drops and A LOT of firemen and police officers doing their jobs and keeping people safe. We would, of course, covet your prayers for us and everyone else affected. So far, there has been no loss of life–which is AMAZING and evidence of God’s work. See photo below.


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