Goin’ Goth

The things we do to engage our learners. Today my team dressed in Goth to teach Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” As one of my students put it, “That is a pretty gruesome story.” She is VERY correct. But they couldn’t argue that it was boring or stupid.

Reactions varied to my “new” appearance. My own children hated it. I tried out the darker lipstick and black eyeliner Sunday night after church. Victoria told me I looked stupid (and she REALLY meant it to say that), while Thad turned his back and refused to give me a second glance after the first glimpse of me. It was as though he would turn into the proverbial pillar of salt if he had to lay eyes on me once more in THAT get-up.

This morning my Sonic gal greeted me with my large diet coke and a, “Well, don’t YOU look pretty today.” Hmmm. . .what do I NORMALLY look like? Of course, she does usually see me before I have on ANY make-up, but STILL. My students ranged from, “Miss, you look pretty/Mrs. Langley, I like your makeup/You look nice today” to shrieking/physically jumping BACK from me/telling me how freaky/scary/wicked/evil I looked.

Here is Liz–a strawberry blond who was rockin’ the black wig and a crow. She is married to one of Houston’s Finest and has a little boy that loves Legos as much as mine does.

Jen–I LOVE the way this app transformed the poster behind her into somewhat of a crown. I think she looks lovely–the tilt of her face makes her look like she is being turned into a cameo. She has a baby boy–wonder what HE thought of Mama in her Goth makeup.

Carrie–the baby of the bunch. She was born my sophomore year in college. She is WAY cool and has the most gorgeous ash blond hair you have EVER seen.

The kids got home before I got my makeup off. Thad wouldn’t look at me. Victoria pretended I wasn’t wearing it. But I am HAPPY to report that my husband DID like it–and Victoria bequeathed a “That is SO COOL!!!!” upon this photo once it was transformed somewhat.

Now–I got them to listen to the story. . .if I can just get them to do the WORK that goes with it.


4 thoughts on “Goin’ Goth

  1. Ashley, who knows her Goth girls, says, “No…Her make-up isn’t dramatic enough, her hair isn’t poufy enough or black enough…” So… nice try, though. 🙂 And we both agree that The Tell-Tale Heart is just flat-out creepy. Yikes.

    This morning I was just thinking about Ida Sue… 🙂 Wonder what all SHE would do to get us into literature.

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