There are many, many stories I’ve neglected to tell here. I will try to “catch up” so to speak. . .selfishly, I do it for myself more than for you–my five faithful readers. And you probably already know all the stories anyway. . .never-the-less, here is our Thanksgiving wrapped up in some digital photos.

Fall Decor. . .this was soon accompanied by three cheesecakes, two pies, one trifle, and Heather's Blue Cake

The pumpkins have come to me over many years. The basket was from our across the street neighbors. The metal tray, a gift from another friend. The pine cones came from our yard and have been used the last couple of years. The yellow ginkgo leaves traveled all the way to me from Arkansas. . .sent by my friend Carolyn.

Native foliage bouquet--muscadine vine, yaupon, some weed, and elm.

Again–a combination of loved items–the girl from a friend when I left Bleyl, the jug was my Granny’s–and I truly have no idea HOW old it is as I scrubbed no telling how many years of bacon grease off of it. The foliage–our yard, in my bare feet and night shirt on Thanksgiving morn.

Granny's table WITHOUT the lamp on.
Granny's table WITH the lamp on. . .

I love having this table in my home. It makes me happy, happy, happy.

Table scape

And I love all these little gems and jewels that keep finding their way to me to join the somewhat monochromatic color scheme I have going on. . .not planned. . .it has just grown here. See that little deer there on the left? It has a story too. And one day, I WILL tell it here. . .’cause only ONE of you five besides me knows it.

This rock I shamelessly STOLE from a garden in Houston. It is a touchstone of sorts.
Feathers from two large birds, and that little wreath of dried grass was made especially for me by my boy at Webelos' Woods. I love it.

Thad and Tony went on a camp-out one weekend. They were gone a long time, but they made it home on the Sunday they arrived back before Victoria and I did (from church). Thad had a pink gift bag with some tissue paper in it–and this wreath. A boy had taught him how to make it out of the long, green grasses that were at the campsite. He also put some little flowers in it. It was intended as a bracelet–but I love it right here with all of my other treasures.

Tony brought this bottle to me from a little shop in Colorado. And do you see what the key says? That truly IS the key.

Christmas ornament from Wal-Mart. $.97. LOVE.

Ahhhh. . .the Thanksgiving feast
Tony's most excellent turkey
The Girl? She grows and grows and grows. . .
There is a story to go with this cake.

One night Victoria and I were making a cake for her edible science project. She got best all around. . .we did a cake like this that represented the layers of the earth. . .ANYWAY–for some reason while we were making it, Victoria said she missed Heather. So I said, “Let’s call her.” Alas–we had cake batter and the like out and I couldn’t easily find their number. So I said, “As SOON as the cake is in the oven, we will get the number and call.” I kid you NOT, those words were hanging in a bubble above my head when the phone rang and it was HEATHER on the other end. She had been playing with a calculator as a phone (she IS a modern kid–Victoria used a melon baller for HER phone) and kept dialing Aunt Roxanne and Tora, so her Momma asked if she REALLY wanted to talk to us. She did. We were having the SAME conversation at the SAME time 48 miles apart. SHUT UP. We told Heather we were making cake to which she replied, “I like cake. I want to eat cake. I want to eat BLUE cake.” Well, by cracky, I was gonna make that baby a blue cake if it was the last thing I did. And so, on Thanksgiving eve, Victoria and I did JUST that–and we threw in her other two favorite colors for good measure. Heather LOVED it. When I cut her slice and held it out on the plate to her, she reached for the CAKE rather than the PLATE and picked it up like a sandwich, then she declared, “This is the BEST cake EVER!!!”

Cousins. Victoria was the only one that was being cooperative.

So thankful for these kiddos. . .though it was a fail at participation.

Happy husband--he's in the woods. That makes him happy.
Our massive burn pile FINALLY burning--in the rain--while Tony and Thad monitor it from the car.

We have been under a mandatory burn ban (for obvious reasons) since the beginning of last October. This burn pile has been sitting there from fallen trees, etc. since last January. The burn ban was finally lifted last Friday, so Saturday morning–IN THE RAIN–Tony lit that sucker on fire. It BURNED. As it POURED rain. Thad suggested they drive the car over to monitor it rather than get wet. And so they did.

Pretty late afternoon light in the clearing

Happy November to you.


4 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Hey Roxanne, lemme say what I think: Great post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much. You have a great blog here. Thanks again for sharing.


    Seriously, now. I love your Thanksgiving Day vignettes. And that turkey presentation is really something. I also love pigtails. So cute 🙂

  2. Tony

    Hey, Stephanie,

    Great post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much. You have a great blog here. Thanks again for sharing.

    And don’t forget to fika!

    THE END.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! LOVE the cake. It makes me happy looking at it, and Oh. My. Goodness. Heather looks so grown up.

    I also love your silver rooster. I think I will have to find me one.

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