Phone Call Photos

Earlier I had a long talk with my friend, Carolyn. As we talked, I made the bed and walked around and folded clothes, and then went outside to take some photos for her. And here they are. . .explanations will follow. . .or you can just make up your own. (But she will understand them.)

Obviously, greenery on front porch rails. . .methinks we need some red bows though.

Afternoon kitty-cats

THERE are the red bows. 🙂

We hope the holly tree will survive. . .there are some green leaves still. Fingers crossed.

More colors. . .including a big ‘ole patch of some tender, green ground cover.

Not sure what it is, but it’s BRIGHT. I did NOTHING to that photo but take it.

Tony is building Thad his long promised and awaited fort. It’s TALL (10 feet clearance) and BIG (100 square feet). If Tony can survive building the stairs and the railing, we will all be happy.

The path the kids cut from the house to the fort. The entry to this path is very near the entry to the official path, but THIS path makes a bee-line to the fort. . .they will eventually be able to run down the trail and up the stairs at speed.

This is going FROM the clearing TO the house on the official trail that Tony and I cut three years ago. The clearing is a natural one–a low spot in the land, so it is where the rain water collects when there is any.

Yaupon is a type of native bush/shrub that grows all over the place out here. THESE yaupons have obviously become more like trees and are years and years old.

These last three are on the trail back to the house but looking back toward the clearing. The close-up yaupon photos above are of the clutch to the right.

Have I mentioned that I love where we live?


One thought on “Phone Call Photos

  1. Carolyn

    I love where you live also! The kids are going to be crazy about the fort! I know you say it’s Thad’s fort but I’ll wager that Victoria will spend as much time in it as he does!

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