Indian Autumn

Yes. . .I know the actual terminology, but this lovely fall we have is still showing off. Victoria and ran into Magnolia today, and I took these photos on the way. I would apologize for MORE autumn tree pictures. . .but they are JUST SO PRETTY. I can’t help myself.

At our neighbors' house. These leaves look like poinsettias!!!

Again with the oaks that aren't "Red Oaks" turning red!!!! SPEECHLESS. And this tree is HUGE.

We pulled into the driveway of an abandoned house so I could go back to photograph the huge oak with all the red leaves, and found this patch of clover. See what I mean? AMAZING. Clover. And RED LEAVES. In December. (I also forgot to mention that our neighbor delivered a home-grown watermelon from their garden to our door step last Sunday while we were at church. So add watermelons in December to the list.)

Victoria wanted to run through it. . .and I said, “Go for it, girly.”

Lovely, lovely day.

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