So. . .I know it’s December

We finally got our tree up Thursday night and halfway lit Friday night and decorated Saturday night. It’s an evergreen–not deciduous, so you don’t have to worry about me being amazed at how GREEN it is. We found a new tree farm–great place. . .and we literally walked up to this tree, looked at it, and said “This is it.” First time EVER.

Victoria's mad photog skillz at work. . .

What Tony and Thad did while Victoria and I decorated the tree. Again--Victoria photographing.

My sweet girl with her new ornament.

Victoria's photo of her new ornament. . .love the bokeh of Granny's chair in the background.

One of Thad's Santas.

Victoria's favorite angel ornament.

Merry Christmas!

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5 thoughts on “So. . .I know it’s December

  1. Such a beautiful tree! Since we are not putting one up this year, you must send me more pictures so I can print them out, hang them up around my house, and pretend it is my own tree.

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