Tonight I had a bunch of teenagers I love come to my house and eat baked potatoes and sing songs (acapella) in our clearing around a campfire laid by my own (Eagle Scout) husband. There were Christmas lights lining the path to the clearing and some lanterns with tealights as well (it’s dark out here). . .and I invited OTHER people besides teenagers (it was REALLY the teen devo and ornament exchange) and THOSE people came. It was wonderful.

Now Victoria is asleep–I’m not sure if she is getting sick or if it’s just 13 1/2, but she ALSO took a nap this afternoon–and Tony and Thad are watching some (cool) science documentary on United Streaming while I sit here with some tired feet but a very, very full heart.

What a lovely night.


4 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. Rick

    Any who might doubt that the spirit of the season still lives would have done well to visit the Langley abode last night. Scrooge would not have needed the ghosts in order to have his heart melted.

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