Baked Potato Soup (YUM)

I love potatoes. I love potato soup. And THIS is a sort of spliced together recipe that I make when I want some serious comfort food.

Baked Potato Soup a la Me

Potatoes (1 large per person or just a BUNCH if you want leftovers)
Half and Half (or whole milk)
onion (half diced OR you can flavor soup with onion salt/powder)
celery (2-4 stalks diced thin optional–just adds flavor)
grated cheese
crumbled bacon
green onions (diced)

Peel and dice your potatoes like you’re going to mash them. Slice and dice your onion and celery and add to potatoes. JUST cover with water, then boil and bring to a simmer to cook with lid on the pot. After potatoes have softened, blend with hand mixer or mash with masher. DO NOT DRAIN WATER–leave it in there. You will have some very thin mashed potatoes or very thick soup when you’re done. The onions will be all mixed in with the potatoes and add flavor–the celery may remain a little chunky, so you can delete that if you like, but it adds flavor as well. Add butter (1/4 to 1/2 cup), half and half/milk (1 cup to 1 pint depending), and salt to taste (it will take a lot) until it is still thick but more of a soup-like consistency. It should be hot enough that you don’t have to reheat it. Top with grated cheese, green onions, and bacon.

DELISH. Hearty. Warm. EASY. Great for this time of year.


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