Happy New Year! (With some Merry Christmas thrown in for afters.)

We had a great break. The first week was full and busy and me still in school that Monday and Tuesday, then us traveling to and fro–visiting my mom, spending Christmas Day with Tony’s family back here in Texas. It was FAST. The second week was more time at home–and THAT was glorious.

Here are some photos of our days:

Le Tree. . .it's still up, and since we have a TREE in the middle of our house, I make sure to turn the lights on every day!!! Why not?!

Victoria's photographic handiwork again. . .

Santa says, "Howdy, y'all."

After climbing out of the vehicle on Chrismas Eve, I made cookies. . .and icing. . .and we DECORATED lest Santa starve to death.

The care and keeping of Santa is still serious business 'round here. For a little while longer. . .

Although Thad DID save his stealth "Ninja-bread Man" to eat later.

Victoria specialized in the more traditional and edible.

Sprinkles--and new Christmas Eve jammies

Keeping one's long locks out of the cream cheese frosting

Time for hot cocoa

. . .and sitting by the tree. . .

. . .while watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" AND simultaneously reading your sister's Ipod.

I can't complain about the technology, because he built that Lego Earth Dragon Lair out of a cardboard box and painters' tape.

Um. . .wait one cotton-pickin' minute. . .what happened to the little girl with her knees pulled up to her chest that was JUST sitting there?

Christmas railing--I got the red bows

Ghost girl dancing in the New Year

Yes. Thad IS shirtless at 9:00 on New Years' Eve. Some years it's freezing, and some years we wear short.

My hand model

And our traditional New Year's Day jumping photo on Lake Rd.

I hope your days were both merry and bright. . .and that your New Year finds everyone well and joyful.


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