Christmas. . .still. . .

Tree is STILL up, but you know what? Doesn’t bother me–the lights are magical. AND since there are still Christmas lights up at my house, I get to still post Christmas photos. Right??? I say, YES!

In all honesty, the above photo was taken January 2nd, so it is, in fact, a New Year(‘s) photo. . .technically. You can’t see it, but Thad is standing on a stool behind the tree holding the ceiling fan chain out of the shot. He’s a good boy.

We were a little late getting our tree this year. In fact, we didn’t get it until the Thursday before Christmas break. We found a great new Christmas tree farm (where we buy pre-cut) that had a wonderful tree house and these REALLY cool rubber duck race things. Anyway–that Tuesday while Tony and Thad were at Cub Scouts, Victoria and I unboxed the pre-lit tree that was bought out of necessity in 2008–the year we were selling our old house and building this new one. We had neither the time nor the cleaning moxy to get a real tree that year, so we bought this and set it up. Tony has NO RECOLLECTION of this being done. . .not even when I reminded him of the debacle surrounding the purchase of it. He had blocked it out entirely. Whether that was from the stress of owning two homes at once or the fact that it was a fake, pre-lit tree I’m not sure–but the memory was not merely hazy, it was like chemically washed from his brain. That being said, before I wrote this post, I went back into the 2008 photos to find a picture of it in the old house. Not one existed–none. I have pictures of the children opening their presents at Momma’s (we went to her house for Christmas that year). . .but otherwise there are only new house photos. So. I cannot PROVE that it was in our home, but it WAS there.

ANYWAY. . .I thought it would be nice to have a tree in the dining room so you could possibly (through all the foliage) see the lights from the road. Once Victoria and I set it up, I was a little stricken by the fact that it looked so gangly–and naked. I didn’t remember it being such a sad tree. So we added a few baubles. Then I had the brainstorm to make it the kids’ tree–one to hold all of their school and church made ornaments from years past. VOILA! A new tradition was born. We all liked it.

This was the first ornament I bought to go on the tree in our new house. At least, the first ornament I bought to keep. I buy new ones each year for the kids–but those will leave me some day. . .both the ornaments and the children, so I have started buying some for me too. We have a lot of cardinals that come and see us each year–plus my Momma loves cardinals. I like the fellow. He seems to like me too.

Cousins. . .the kids got to play with their Louisiana cousins. Well–they got to play with ONE of their Louisiana cousins. The other one is now 19 and employed–but he did make an appearance.

This photo truly captures the three different personalities of these Watts babies. . .amazing.

And we spent a large portion of Christmas day with our Houston cousin–she particularly loves Victoria.

Right before school was out, Thad requested some cash for the Christmas shop at school. Evidently, a little shop is set up so the kids can do some Santa Clausing of their own. Thad decided to make a purchase for me, and I LOVE it. My ivy has never been healthier, happier, or more well-watered.

AND my family (in addition to my yearly calendar) also purchased me a kitchen clock. . .one I have long wanted–a utensil clock. Isn’t it awesome!!!! Seriously–how cool is that?

I think that’s it. The bottom of the barrel. We sure had fun, though.


4 thoughts on “Christmas. . .still. . .

  1. You now have a new way to instruct with tiem. “Fork on 7, let’s go!”

    You know, in Sweden it’s tradition to throw out the tree on January 6th. ANd according to traction, you really hare supposed to THROW it, heaving it as far as your strength can muster. Although I suspect many don’t get it out until the 8th, or even 12th… and some probably even just place it outside, no throwing at all. Not sure what that means. We take our down almost always before Jan 1. Our FAKE, pre-lit, gangly tree. 🙂

  2. “according to traction”??? That’s “according to tradition.” Here let me just re-write that entire sentence. Weird typos! I must still be in dreamland. “And according to tradition, you really are supposed to THROW it, heaving it as far as your strength can muster.” (Sheesh)

  3. Yes. . .I should start using flatware as a way to mark time!!!!!
    And I’ve seen your tree–your fake, pre-lit one. . .it is NOT gangly. This poor thing was like $25 at Wal-Mart four years ago. AND, just like the Charlie Brown tree, it just goes to show that lights, and ornaments, and a little love go a long, long way. I think MOST trees look sad and forlorn unadorned and lightless.

  4. Christmas lights are still up on many homes here. There are many with a Ukrainian background. The Ukrainian Christmas festive days according to the Julian calendar, start on 6 January, Christmas Eve, and end on 19 January. So Roxanne you can just pretend somewhere in your way far history there is a Ukrainian.

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