For the past two nights, I have tried to re-invent laziness. Seriously. Both of these nights I have done nothing but eat dinner, read a book, and go to bed. It has been delightful. It is 7:31, and when I am done with this post, I am headed to my bed AGAIN. Why am I so ***yawn*** tired and sleepy? Is it January? Is it age? Is it the fact that I’m up at 5:00 daily, run, run, run all the live-long day, and then come home ready to collapse? Too many carbs?

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been in Jr. High for 20 years.



If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a THOUSAND times out of the mouths of my students. . .”I’m boooooooorrrrrrrrred,” they whine as they lie as supine as one can lie in a desk/chair combo–or droop like tulips over the fake wood-grained veneer of their writing surface.

I must be so tired because I am bored. . .that’s it, I’m tellin’ ya. Mystery solved.



4 thoughts on “*Yawn*

  1. “Boredom is your window on the properties of time that one tends to ignore to the likely peril of one’s mental equilibrium. It is your window on time’s infinity. Once this window opens, don’t try to shut it; on the contrary, throw it wide open.”
    ~Joseph Brodsky~

  2. … oh and this one also is brilliant!

    “Doing anything when you’re bored is very very boring. Anyway, doing nothing is the point of being bored. The pleasure of being bored is mooning about and doing nothing. ”
    ~Aidan Chambers, This Is All~

    I love this one!

  3. I came onto your blog by looking for the L.M. Montgomery quote that is on the top of your blog. Thanks, by the way, since now I don’t have to read Anne of Avonlea to find it my self. (That’s where I think it is, anyway,) I am feeling tired myself these days, and I haven’t been spending 20 years in jr. high, but it could be because I am bored, instead of getting up and actually doing something.

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