The Scientific Process of Play

I started writing this post nearly two years ago. . .then I got side-tracked and didn’t ever post it. Two years. How did my girl go from being a little girl to being a young woman? How did my boy go from his cute speech impediment to no speech impediment at all (BELIEVE ME–the boy can talk–he just does it slowly).

Original Post written February 13, 2010–all photos taken the same day
Just heard from the living room.

Victoria: “I only need ONE variable. Do YOU want to be the test subject or me?”

Thad: “You.”

V: (Talking slowly while writing). “Question: Does. . .spinning. . .in. . .cir. . .cles. . .by. . .dif. . .fer. . .ent. . .aged. . .peo. . ple. . .make. . .you. . .run. . .slower?”

Thad: “People.”

Victoria: “Right. Okay. We’re each going to go twice. You’ll go, then I’ll go, then you’ll go, then I’ll go. Now. . .I’m going to spin you for 20 seconds, then you will run around the room and land in the chair.”

Thad: “With my eyes closed or open. . .because when I run with them closed, I run into walls.”

V: “Get ready. Be quiet. Shhhh. . .NOW (Thad begins spinning). . .go ahead, a bit more. If you feel like you are going to fall over just keep trying. . .AAAAAAAAND. RUN!!!!”

Thad: (running) Whoa. . .whoa. . .WHOOOOOAAAA.”

V: “Okay–took you seven seconds. Now get in the middle of the room and do it again. NOW!!! Keep going–doing good–keep spinning. . .NOW run.”

T: Thad giggling. . .and puffing. . .and whoa-ing.

V: “SEVEN seconds AGAIN!”

Thad then had a THIRD turn. This time it was 8 seconds.

Thad: (indignant but laughing from dizziness), “ONE MORE SECONDS?????”

Now Thad is timing Victoria. . .she started out with 8 seconds. I sit in the study eaves dropping. . .Thad just asked Victoria if she had timed herself. . .she said, “BUDDY. . .*YOU* ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TIMING ME.”

Thad’s reply? “I CAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHN’T. . .” (with a British accent.)

Victoria just had 11 seconds. She is not happy with these results and is testing her brother’s timing technique. He was COUNTING rather than watching the stop watch.

Methinks there is more than one variable in this experiment.

She is now employing ME to come and time her–seriously–because Thad messed up.


All of this occurred just hours before The Great Concrete Dog Debacle of 2010. . .but that’s another story for another day. And this small slice of preserved conversation is why I should be blogging more. . .so these days are not ground to fine, powdery dust under the merciless marching soles of time. . .

(If you click on the image, you can read the thought processes in Victoria’s burgeoning scientific mind. Of course this IS the child that “performed” her first experiment at the age of 10 months or so while dropping textured rubber rings from different angles, heights, and speeds into a large Tupperware bowl filled with water, and also began sorting “treasures” into groups by color, size, and shape at the age of 18 months. Just sayin’.)


5 thoughts on “The Scientific Process of Play

  1. They keep me laughing. ..and on my toes. That is for sure. I had a friend–she was actually the grandmother of one of my high school friends. She was telling me about their son–their only child–and she said, “Of course I LOVE Mike, but what really makes me happy is that I LIKE him. I like him A LOT.”
    And I really, really LIKE my kids. 🙂

  2. Methinks your daughter is your husband’s Mini Me. What with the Science and the Timing and all that Process-Stuff 🙂
    I love the sister brother play going on too – As an older sister to a little brother, this brings back memories!

    1. I most definitely worked incredibly hard to have two children that are EXACTLY LIKE THEIR FATHER. It is quite true. There really has not been a time when Tony has looked at me over one of their heads and said, “This is YOUR child.” His DNA whooped up on mine for real. So it’s a good thing I love him so much. 🙂

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