The Boy’s Wisdom

Thad used to talk like this–I put these in a draft on July 18, 2008.

“The downer you are, the more higher you jump.”

“I did it like this, then I wemembuhed, ‘Oh yeah, glue doesn’t move–only squooze (screws).”

“I’m having a bit of a pwedicament.” (In regards to not getting his seatbelt buckled.)

“That puhsun was not vewy bwight.” (In regards to a creator of the Legos Bionicle online game that didn’t work so great.)

He still has plenty of wisdom that comes at odd times and in odd ways. . .for instance, a couple of weeks ago, he was listening to the radio with his Daddy on the way to Scouts and decided that the DJ should try saying something like this, “This song is for all you old people in young cars and all you young people in old cars and all you hippies in Studebakers.” He just thought that hippies in Studebakers sounded like a cool thing to say.

Last week on his way to Scout he was bemoaning the fact that his math teacher had begun teaching negative numbers. He was livid to be quite honest. “That is just wrong. That makes no sense. How can you have LESS than zero. I don’t think I need to learn that in 4th grade.”

The speech is all fixed up now. . .but that makes me marvel at him no less. I just don’t have to make up the spellings of words anymore.

July, 2008

Thad with his Daddy tonight getting his Webelos badge


3 thoughts on “The Boy’s Wisdom

    • That whole carbon copy thing comes in handy, as Tony can never look at me and say, “He gets that from you.” All I provided was a womb–and lots of hugs and kisses. 🙂

  1. My son Nick use to talk like Elmer Fudd. I just recently converted some 8mm tapes to DVDs and we had a fun time listening to him talk way back then. I love what he said about negative numbers, I totally agree with him! 🙂

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