The Week with Four Mondays

That was this week. Seriously. Four. Mondays. It was a long week. I wasn’t the only person who thought so–at least not among the other teachers on my campus. I think I wrote an entry on Monday. . .and then silence. It wasn’t pretty–but I made it through. The week ended with my students endeavoring to complete a ten page packet (five front to back) on homonyms, context clues, and dictionary skills as punishment for their atrocious behavior for my sub on Wednesday. NONE of my students said a WORD. . .however, during my shopping trip last night, I ran into a student I taught in 6th grade (also her big sister) who is now in 8th. She was with her mom–and after some initial chit-chat, I said, “So, Emsley–what’s the word on the street about me?” Her mom just looked at both of us wondering what I meant. Emsley’s reply? “Well, let’s put it this way. Your students are convinced that you single-handedly made the copy machine run out of ink.”

I say mission accomplished. Although–as always–I hate when the many suffer for the few.

Thad also had cold, but it fine. Victoria was gifted with a VERY NICE camera (on loan) from her Uncle Robert, and she has already been taking photos. Here is one of her Momma. πŸ™‚

Due to a deluge of water from the heavens that came in band after band of storming–my OWN photography class today was canceled. THAT means I get to look forward to it another time. And I got to take a little nap on the couch this afternoon.

After four Mondays–a Saturday at last.

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5 thoughts on “The Week with Four Mondays

  1. You are a good teacher. Sometimes bad behavior really does need a wake up call, and a 10 page worksheet might just have done the trick πŸ™‚ I hope you are getting Monday off – sounds like a good three-day weekend sound is in order.

    • Oh. . .no such luck. I have a professional day–that I was GOING to skip, but then Thad got sick, so I was home Thursday. I ALSO had to give up a day due to a conflagration of the things known as Time Equivalency Days–so I only have TWO days left without getting docked. And I, in all truth, need THREE days for the remainder of the school year.

      At least there won’t be kids tomorrow–time to regroup and make a new seating chart. πŸ™‚

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