Happy Thursday

Yes, yes. I know I'm early--or late. I meant LAST Thursday. You see, I work with this GREAT bunch 'o gals. Seriously--in all my years in the education biz, this is THE BEST team I've ever had. I am amazed by these ladies on a daily basis. We don't hold hands and sing Kumbaya in …

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Wildflowers are blooming here in Texas: bluebonnets, winecups, buttercups, Indian paintbrush, Indian blanket, blue-eyed grass, coreopsis, meadow pink, phlox. . .you just want to have a dozen eyes so you can see it all at once. I DID stop and pick some blue-eyed grass today, but just like buttercups and other wild flowers, they close …

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The Importance of Punctuation: Lesser Known Edition

I have written before about my love of lesser known punctuation: the ellipsis, the dash. And we have all, of course, seen this little gem. Woman, without her man, is nothing. Woman: without her, man is nothing. or He eats shoots and leaves. He eats, shoots, and leaves. And if you've not seen this as …

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