A Sprinkle

If you have ever attended church ANYWHERE that they give showers, then you know there are different camps regarding the number of baby showers to which a mother is entitled. Keeping in mind that I am not Catholic, nor do I live near or know the Duggers, I fall into THIS CAMP. Thank you, Mary Englebreit.

This woman deserves a party.

I’m not saying that you need to go overboard every time. . .but who DOESN’T appreciate a cake and a stash of diapers and wipes tucked away somewhere.

So, my friend Cheryl and I took the leap into the pool of baby showers where we go to church and made a splash. Hopefully we didn’t get anyone sopping wet. . .especially since we decided we were having a “sprinkle” rather than a “shower.”

I made invitations to pass out (rather than having it published in the order of worship or the like), and we held it at a “non-scriptural” location (a house rather than the fellowship hall) at a “non-scriptural” time (Saturday morning from 10:30-11:30 rather than a Sunday afternoon before evening service) so as to lessen the soaking of our splash. I say all of this tongue in cheek, of course. I respect everyone’s views–and understand reasons for the many camps, but I am of the opinion that a baby is a time to celebrate!

The idea to call it a sprinkle was not mine. . .I stole it from the internet–along with this poem that I tweaked somewhat to fit our occasion.

Babies bring sweetness & laughter galore,
So, Synda & Stephanie are each having one more.
Ayla and Josh have plenty to share.
This is only a “sprinkle” to show that we care.
Bring a tub of wipes & diapers–any size,
Then we’ll help them stock up on baby supplies.

We had two mommies due at similar times–both having a second baby that was the same sex as the first, so diapers and wipes were REALLY appreciated.

Cheryl graciously offered her home along with beverages and nuts, so I made cake and cupcakes and brought the paper goods.

The little onesie picks are from scrapbook paper that I cut out and glued back to back on a toothpick.
The words on the cake were also made out of scrapbook paper. . .I just blew up some really fat font, traced and cut. . .to match the napkins that were left over from ANOTHER shower.

And inside–enough colors to cover either gender AND thrill three year old Ayla who was in attendance. Josh didn’t come, but I sent some home for him.

My friend’s husband was a naysayer declaring that there was NO WAY we would be able to have a shower in an hour. But we didn’t HAVE a shower. We had a sprinkle. And the last car pulled out of the driveway at 11:35 (ONLY because they had been standing outside talking) followed by me at 11:45. I was home and back in my jammies by 12:15.

There was a nice turn-out, and the mommies were THRILLED with their diapering supplies. One baby arrived on Tuesday of this week, and the other is scheduled to make an appearance anytime now.


8 thoughts on “A Sprinkle

  1. I never realized there was such protocol regarding showers and their wheres and whens and quantity and whatnot! I love the idea of a baby sprinkle 🙂 Very cute stuff and the baby onesie toothpick things, srsly… I am now beginning to wonder for real if you and my mom were somehow more related than she and I were! Did you see the miniature art easels she made and put on cupcakes at my Senior Art Show at HU?

    1. I did NOT see the miniature art easels. I remember you art show. . .I remember meeting John’s dad. I remember my low-ball bid on a piece of your pottery. I remember “Waiting.” I, for some reason, think I might have gotten to meet your dad, but I don’t remember meeting your mom–I WISH I remembered meeting your mom.

  2. You’re so clever with your custom decorations!! We do something similar to your sprinkle here, but it’s more like a sprinkle in a basket. We load up a cute laundry basket with baby goodies, gather a few friends, and descend on the expecting mama’s living room with a cheesecake or pudding to leave behind. It takes about fifteen minutes to go through the gifts, pray for the family, chat a bit, and leave. And then after the birth it’s a smaller visit with a mama-care basket (bath things, good tea, and the like)! Little sprinkles are the best for bigger families.

  3. We did a casserole shower once. The ladies brought a dish that the mom could freeze, including the recipe and baking instructions. The mom-to-be brought coolers to take them home. Great idea for the mom having a second or third child. It was a hit.

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