Spring Break State of Mind

Our spring break begins on Friday. That being said, the flowers are blooming in Houston–redbud trees are splashing purple across the sky which had not ONE cloud in it today–and the lovely yellow flowers that serve as the official Spring is Here signal are beginning to bloom. The kids spread a blanket in the yard and braved the mosquitoes so they could lie there and soak up the smell of clean air and cut grass. Tony mowed yesterday. This week will be just slap full of all manner of things I don’t want to do as far as teaching goes. . .and the kids aren’t going to want to do any of it either. So–to ease all of our pain, I will have a spring break countdown and hopefully win enough of their good graces to make it through this week as unscathed as possible. I would like to arrive at the threshold of my spring break not exhausted. To that end, I took naps both yesterday AND today. I can honestly say I regret not being out in the beautiful weather more, but I don’t regret the lovely, lovely rest OR my lack of mosquito bites.

What, exactly, happened to February?

Tell me what ya think.

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