A disturbance in the Space Time Continuum

I am in the study. Thad is in the living room talking to himself. Now he is singing. I know he is 10 1/2 and wears deodorant (when reminded–AND under duress) and can cook himself eggs in a pan over a fire while I am still in bed. I know this in my head. But as I heard his voice just now–that low mumbling hum of one having a conversation with one’s self–I was jerked back in time and expect to be able to pick him up and have him wrap his monkey arms and legs about my person while I carry him around the house. Since he now weighs in at 100 pounds and is 4’11”, I think reality would come calling pretty quickly. So I will write this little post and let it remind me that my days until the voice changes are numbered. . .

The voice I hear is coming from this child.

And this is the one that lives in my house.

4 thoughts on “A disturbance in the Space Time Continuum

  1. Tempus certainly does fugit. We were blessed with a late life child, after the others were pretty much grown and, surprise, surprise, the changes you are noting were just as unexpected the second time around. There just simply is no La Brea tar pit for ‘childhoods’.

    • And it is so much fun to watch them grow and change and turn into real, live People. . .but oh, how tender is the spot in my heart that gets assaulted from time to time . . .and mine are still in the house.

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