Exactly two years ago on Tuesday, these crazy kids got married.

Their meeting was one of the most serendipitous of serendipities that God has ever allowed me to help Him with, as I introduced them. Their marriage was not of my orchestration, but I was one of the strings on the bow of the violin that God played to enact their marital symphony–probably the broken one that flies around in all directions during a performance leaving you to think, “Why doesn’t somebody just cut that thing? Isn’t that distracting?” As Tony read my post, he was somewhat chagrined by my “God as a fiddler analogy, and I’m not sure what is up with all of the orchestral/symphonic metaphors except that Jennifer has a doctorate in music–and yesterday I got to meet their Opus. His name is Jack. And he is adorable and cooing and sleepy and soft and good smelling as all babies should be.

We did a “reenactment” of sorts of their engagement photo in my driveway–and here you see the difference in a January, sunny, evening setting and a March, cloudy, morning setting. Plus, I should have scooted them back some. . .anyway–Jack was a wonderful baby during his adoration and photo shoot time.

It is not hard to love such a baby. . .especially when he is the child of The Best Babysitter Ever–the title bestowed on “Miss Jennifer” by my own opuses. . .opii. . .my kids. Since she had Jack, we don’t even mind so much that Mr. Greg married her and stole her away. No SO much. Just a little. We like him too. 🙂

Here are my faves of the Jack photo shoot in color and in black and white. Just ignore the top four–or enjoy them again. . .I didn’t take them out of the gallery.


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