Wildflowers are blooming here in Texas: bluebonnets, winecups, buttercups, Indian paintbrush, Indian blanket, blue-eyed grass, coreopsis, meadow pink, phlox. . .you just want to have a dozen eyes so you can see it all at once. I DID stop and pick some blue-eyed grass today, but just like buttercups and other wild flowers, they close within 30 minutes of me picking them and bringing them home. They can be blown by a strong south-eastern Texas wind and not bat a petal, but pick ’em and you break their spirit. They are, after all, wild.

I took the children shopping after church today. Thad needed shoes and Victoria needed shoes and they both needed clothing for church. What Thad did NOT need was another t-shirt, but he got two. This one is hilarious–take the 30 seconds to roll over the image at the Kohls website to see what issues super heroes have, and this one is too.

There is either a penny or a dime that is in the lining of the coin section of my wallet, but I can’t find the HOLE through which it slipped. So there it remains–mocking me. I’m not even sure as to its denomination, BUT as my PawPaw used to say, “If you never spend it, you’ll never be broke.” Maybe it’s just him watching over me.

Tony has acute bronchitis. This is an old ailment for me, but a new ailment for him. We now have matchign inhalers. I am hopeful that he doesn’t decide to pass it along.

It is time for bed. Past time really.


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