Happy Thursday

Yes, yes. I know I’m early–or late. I meant LAST Thursday. You see, I work with this GREAT bunch ‘o gals. Seriously–in all my years in the education biz, this is THE BEST team I’ve ever had. I am amazed by these ladies on a daily basis. We don’t hold hands and sing Kumbaya in the hallway (although we MIGHT try it if we thought it would frighten our 8th graders into submission), but the gods of education smiled upon our little back 40 of a hallway this year, and we really, really like each other.

I found these cute emery boards for the gals some time back intending to tuck them into a little Christmas package.

I READ the caption as though my co-workers already OWNED the nail file. As though they were using it while saying the caption to whomever was across from them. They already KNOW how fabulous *I* am. . .at being late.

Christmas became Valentine’s Day, and Valentine’s Day became last Thursday. I was in Wal-Mart (my third trip of the week–and YES, I try to plan, but you know how it goes), when I spotted these gorgeous fuchsia roses.

I'm not sure the color translates here--but they were just a really, really, REALLY pretty watermelon pink.

Nearby I spied the pink and white carnations of the SAME SHADE, and a Happy-Thursday-Here’s-Your-Nail-File gift was born.

I made a container for Victoria too. She was so surprised.

(I just googled pink and white carnations to see if I could find the name of this variety. BE STILL MY PINK AND WHITE LOVING HEART!!! I KNOW carnations get a bad rap, but I do love them.)

I couldn’t find the right container, and I wanted something inexpensive but cute.

This set of six aqua tumblers (for a DOLLAR) came to the rescue.

All I needed was some baby’s breath. Alas, Wal-Mart doesn’t sell that. My friends enjoyed their flowers and nail files all the same. *I* (meanwhile) got to enjoy their smiles of surprise AND make something pretty–which I LOVE to and NEEDED to do!!! It does my heart good to mess about with pretty things. PLUS, it’s getting the creativity flowing for the luncheon. Victoria and I are VERY INTO the whole Robin’s Egg blue/pink thing this year.

The presentation. (Photo shamelessly stolen from one of my co-worker's blogs.)
And I got THIS lovely tray at Hobby Lobby the same day. I LOVE WHITE DISHES.

These girls really DO make my days so much easier–so much brighter. I am blessed.


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