Shhh. . .

When I was a child sitting in front of the television doing NOTHING, my mother used to walk in and dump loads of laundry in front of me to fold. I remember this clearly as it happened quite frequently. Somehow, folding laundry while watching t.v. is still the best way for me to get that job done. It’s like having a window over your kitchen sink. When I was in college, I lived in on-campus apartments my jr. and sr. year. The little apartment was GREAT except for the horrific fact that the sink faced a wall. And not even a wall with a window IN it somewhere down the line. I don’t particularly like washing dishes, but one day I realized the absence of a window was one of the main reasons the dishes didn’t get done very often.

Anyway–the OTHER thing I have discovered is that it’s best to watch something you’ve already seen about a million times while folding clothes in front of the television. And THAT is why, after I did a metric TON of laundry this weekend (and I am NOT EVEN KIDDING), I decided to pull out one of my all-time favorite movies, “The Quiet Man.” It stars John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara and was perfect to watch while I folded–and I’m STILL folding, by the way–the clothes. Perfect, because I can watch the parts I like best, and just listen to the rest.

This is NOT the average John Wayne movie. This movie makes me want to dye my hair red then find some sheep to herd while barefoot so maybe John Wayne will fall in love with me (and I’m a Jimmy Stewart kind of gal at heart.) Except, of course, I’m already married. And John Wayne is dead. And I would look AWFUL as a redhead.

Maybe I can just get Tony to put on a white dress shirt, then take me outside in the rain to give me a big ‘ole kiss while my non-red hair whips around in wet tendrils.

Or maybe I just need to finish folding that laundry now.

Either way. If you find yourself with some time and you have a hankerin’ for an old-fashioned love story complete with colorful characters, snappy dialogue, and gorgeous Irish scenery, then watch “The Quiet Man.” It will do you good. “And noooooooooooo patty fingers, if ya please.”


13 thoughts on “Shhh. . .

  1. I have never seen The Quiet Man. I TRY to do one load of laundry/ day and just spend 5-10 minutes folding that one load. And my kitchen sink in this house barely a step up from my last house that faced a wall — I have a window… to my living room. I can talk to my family that is lounging as I clean.

    • My new kitchen “window” is also open to the living room/breakfast area–but there are windows in THOSE rooms that I can see, so it’s okay. Laundry. Alas–it is my achilles heal. I, too, INTEND to do one load per day. Last night it got lost between arrival home at 4:30, homework, dinner, more homework, two or three minor fires, then collapse. I know you know of what I speak. It’s called LIFE. And Cody WAS right. . .life IS blocking, but you must have LAUNDRY to wear.

  2. Dude! The Quiet Man is the BEST. The BEST. But you’re underselling. It’s not all roses and idyllic cottages. Let’s not forget the EPIC fistfight that lasts about 15 minutes, winding through fields, a town, a brook, pastures, and (at some point) a pub. And the horse race. This thing’s got a horse race. With horses.

    “Now I want yous all to cheer like Protestants!”

    • Yeah. . .I saw where people got their panties all in a twist because of the “dragging” scene, but, ya know–it fit the movie. My favorite quote from that is “Here is a nice stick to beat the lovely lady.” And also when Maureen O’Hara loses a shoe but takes the time to thank the man who retrieves it for her.

      The fist fight. . .one of the best EVER. I just, obviously, love the whole movie beginning with the beginning when “Sean Torn-tun” can barely get directions to the place he actually wants to go.

  3. I love folding laundry while watching a movie I’ve seen before. Gets the job done! I also love Maureen O’hara and John Wayne movies. One of my favourites is McLintock. I could watch that movie a million times and never tire of it. They were really good together. Whatever happened to those kinds of movies?

    • I can also watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” even though that’s a “Christmas” movie over and over and over. Recently saw a good Jimmy Stewart movie called “Magic Town” that I’d not seen before. “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” is another all-time favorite.

  4. Now I have to see that movie! And folding laundry = my least favorite chore ever. I do like washing dishes though, weirdly. Window or no window. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I am looking at the picture of Maureen on the cover of the jacket there. She has a timeless look… like she is from “now.” And I totally agree with you. Stewart vs. Wayne? Stewart, for sure!

    • Tony doesn’t care for Jimmy Stewart, but Tony reminds me of a Jimmy Stewart kind of guy–all American, laid back–just not one for dramatic performances. πŸ™‚ You will love the movie. It is certainly not modern, but it’s not meant to be. It’s also not the “real” Ireland, but it’s not meant to be. It is a lovely way to spend two hours and fifteen minutes, however.

    • I love Tom Hanks. And he’s about as close as we’re gonna get to another Jimmy Stewart. That’s for sure. Another John Wayne. . .hmmm. . .I can find bits and pieces of him in a few people–but not someone who personifies him. I think they may have broken the mold.

    • And THAT is why we are friends. . .and probably why our girls are friends. BTW, Victoria and I were having a discussion about vocabulary (hers) and how she was the girl in class that knew most of the vocabulary from a hard novel they were reading. I said, tongue in cheek, “And I wonder where you get that great vocabulary. . .” Her reply? “Being friends with Ruth.”

      I guess her two school teacher parents have NOTHING to do with it. πŸ™‚

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