Grace in the Small Things

It’s been a busy week. We are all happy for the three day weekend. This afternoon, Tony took the kids over to the campsite to visit the mosquitoes and to clean up some branches and brambles that were strewn hither and yon. He also wanted to teach them how to make a good campfire. Tony is good at making fires. . .and at bringing them back to life after they have been banked overnight. I, meanwhile, threw together some “Scout Stew” packets so the fire making lesson would conclude with dinner. In and amongst this, Victoria made (from scratch) eclairs. No lie. They were delicious. Alas, we scarfed them down too quickly for me to photograph them, but she plans to make more. I think I’ll keep her.

Lovely green leaves against a fading sky.
The sun's last, valiant attempts before sliding down the horizon.
My daughter. July will bring her 14th birthday. She is 5'4" and wears a size 8 shoe. There are many things wrong with this.
She still loves her Girl Power hat, however, and so do I.
Thad did not care to be photographed and is using his super stealthy Ninja skillz to avoid detection.
He might want to take some lessons from Poppy who camouflages without the least effort.
Until she smells our dinner.
The publication of this artistic, brambly fire is under protest by the Eagle Scout who lives in my house.
This photograph is approved by the Eagle Scout (in attendance) who lives in my house.
And whether artistic or blazing, the fire left behind this nice bed of coals over which we cooked our dinner. Yum.

One thought on “Grace in the Small Things

  1. Oh, yay. Mosquitoes. (I grew up with a gigantic sort… my summer memories are infused with the scent of citrus repellant and that medicinal itch ointment…) But hey, stay close to the fire, and they shouldn’t be a terrible bother 🙂 I love the scout packets you made – next time I want to see what’s inside!

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