A wonderful day with family. . .


8 thoughts on “Easter

    • Thank you, Sandy. I love the last one too. There is NO ONE in the world either real or imagined that can make that boy laugh as hard as his sister can. It’s a talent she has.

    • I know. . .they are all still VERY Langley “heavy.” And Heather looks JUST LIKE Jon, so there is no denying that the Langley boys have some STRONG DNA.

    • Now THAT I take as quite a compliment!!! I think she MAINLY looks like me, because she wags that baby girl around on her hip the entire time they are together. Heather calls her “Tora.”

  1. I was going to say, that smile on Victoria, especially in the one next to last, is yours, Roxanne. But I see your eyes in Thad’s. Maybe I just don’t really ‘know’ Tony enough to see him as readily. Nevertheless, looks like a lovely Easter with family, as it should be 🙂

    • It’s funny, because when I look at them in front of me, I see SO MUCH Langley–Victoria is built like Tony’s mom and sister–people have mistaken her as being Alisa’s daughter–but when I see photos of them (especially Thad) I see a little more of me.

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