Creativity #1 Victoria is taking Spanish I this year. Her teacher borrowed the idea of Flat Stanley and turned it into an end of the year project. How smart is that??? This, however, is Paco Flaco.

Creativity #2 Victoria was to decorate her Paco Flaco and boy did she ever!!!

I must admit that I am impressed. She did the initial coloring today in class on the pattern that was provided by her teacher, but the rest she did at home tonight. I wasn’t even here, so she did ALL of this by herself. She located tie-dyed and denim patterned clip art to print so she could “make” his clothes, then she found a peace sign necklace (like one she has). AND it was her idea to print some John Lennon hippie glasses on vellum so you could see Paco Flaco’s eyes through them. She even chose colored ones so they would look like sunglasses. I will keep you apprised as to Paco’s goings-on and gaddings-about.

Creativity #3 In other news, Thad was able to link his math lesson to Legos. This is not surprising for those of us who live in the same house with The Boy as we are serenaded daily by The Song of the Lego. He can link IN-EE-THING to Legos. In math, they are currently studying geometric and 3-D shapes. He came home with a list of shapes on a paper where he had to write the number of edges and vertices for each shape (I don’t recall this lesson in 4th grade math–not surprising for me), then identify and list those shapes around the house. He found a triangular prism on the nose of his new Ninjago jet. When his math teacher asked him what exactly that was, Thad offered to bring the instruction manual to show the class. So–creativity NOT ONLY in connecting math to the “real world” but EXTREME creativity in (legitimately) finagling his Lego passion into the classroom!


3 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. Loving Paco now that he is 100% Victoria’s very awesome. I don’t think we had that geometric lesson in 4th grade math. More like 7th grade. But of course we weren’t facing the STAAR.

  2. Love the rose colored glasses! Good job Victoria! And Legomania, while making way for some new explorations in fun, is still alive in our home too. It’s the best toy!

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