Spring Luncheon, 2012

(The 2012 Invitation–click to see larger.)

The Spring Luncheon (formerly known as The Mother Daughter Luncheon) was today. This was year ten, and we changed the name to be more all-inclusive. At least, we changed the name on the invitation, but we still called it Motherdaughterluncheon. I have wonderful neighbors who helped with photos and getting ready (thanks Rick and Ruth)–and my own family pitched in magnificently.

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Victoria stayed home to help me yesterday. . .she cleaned and made bean salad and chocolate flowers and when I was giving her directions for something, she said, “Yes, I know how to do a few things.” And she does. . .I forget I’ve been teaching her. She was quite the hostess today as well. She told me that she taught everyone how to play croquet. I said, “They didn’t know about croquet?” She said, “No. . .they were all like, ‘What’s croquet???’ and I told them it was golf for girls.” I guess that’s about as good an explanation as any. I had a photo of her making the chocolates. She was standing like a stork with one of her long, long legs folded up–her foot planted on the inside of her thigh. I accidentally deleted it however, so I told her we would have to re-enact it. She said, “I won’t re-enact making chocolate flowers. So. . .I’ll just have to make MORE chocolate flowers.” She drives a hard bargain, but I think I’ll keep her.

Thad and Tony ran traffic control for me again this year, though we were a smaller group than normal. Thad also vacuumed the game room, breakfast room, kitchen, AND foyer without anyone asking him to. It didn’t hurt that he got to use the shop vac and he loves to vacuum, but what is up with my kids being all dependable and helpful and stuff??? You’d think they were growing up. I really AM very proud of them. . .earlier, though, Thad was wanting to play with his Beyblades. When I gave him the “Um–no sir, we have people coming over and I need help” siren, he walked through the kitchen, slowly, shoulders drooping. As he rounded the bar he said, “I know. I know. Pick those shoulders up.” Then he walked into the pantry and closed the door behind him. He likes to go in there sometimes when he needs to be alone.

He also asked me tonight if I’d “like to see some science in action?” I said, “Sure.” So he showed me about static electricity holding a balloon against the wall. He said, “There is a positive charge and a negative charge, and I like to think of them this way. The positive charge has four hooks, and the negative charge only has two. So the positive charge stays still, while the negative charge is easily swept away.” *Ahem.* I said, as I often do, “Well, boy. Where did you hear that?” And he said, “In my head.”

‘Twas a good day. Hope yours was too.


10 thoughts on “Spring Luncheon, 2012

  1. I would have loved to have a daughter to go to your luncheon. sigh… Victoria is such a beautiful young lady now. It’s been fun watching them grow from way up here. And that Thad always comes up with the smartest ideas indeed! xxoo love, love love…♥ You all looked so pretty (well except Thad who, of course, looks quite handsome!)

  2. OH. MY. GOODNESS. You and Victoria …Team Event Planners. This is spectacular. I hope I can come some year. You know how to make a party look GRAND. Wow. I love all the details. And those kids of yours. Thad. The pantry. “In my head.” Victoria. She sure is growing up.
    Also, I am SOOO glad the weather cooperated.

  3. Carolyn

    It is all so pretty!! I love Victoria’s outfit! Where did you get that cute little chair? I hope you got lots of rest today!

    1. Thank you!!! Victoria’s outfit is the one I was telling you about–the skirt and then just a tank under a little buttonless cardigan. ALL of it from Kohl’s. LOVE Kohl’s. The little chair is something I got at Hobby Lobby several years ago. It is a picture frame (the oval in the back of the chair), and the “cushion” comes off because the seat is a little box. It was black with red and orange flowers on the seat cushion. . .and, of course, I could have NONE of that. White spray paint. Some scrapbook paper, and VOILA!!!

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