Man About Town

So, you remember that Victoria recently made a new friend–Paco Flaco. It seems he has been busy gadding about with my daughter. That Paco–his social calendar is PACKED!!!

The weekend before Easter, Paco Flaco stowed away in Victoria’s luggage, because he REALLY wanted to go to Bible Bowl. He also got to ride to Marble Falls with all the cute girls.

I know I have posted Easter photos already, but I must have overlooked this one of Paco Flaco with the kids.

Um. . .nobody TOLD me that Paco Flaco was a teen-aged boy. . .what is it with him stalking my daughter and her friends like this???

Now hold on one cotton-pickin’ minute here. THIS was cross-country in the FALL. How long has that Paco been around???

That’s better. Paco Flaco at the Scout Fair–evidently he like reptiles as much as the rest of my family. Those are Victoria’s hands holding the alligator. (Glad I skipped that.) Paco had better mind his manners, or I might have to take the black electrical tape off that gator’s mouth.

He’s hit The Girl Jackpot!!! Paco Flaco crashed the Mother Daughter Luncheon. Cheeky Paco. At least he looks happy to be there!!!

I think my girl TOTALLY deserves an A on her project. Meanwhile, I’m keeping an eye on that dude.


One thought on “Man About Town

  1. Kimberly Thompson

    Just now reading this… love it. I thought it was a cute idea. I think the kids enjoyed it as well. Let’s just hope they remember how to conjugate in the preterit tense… Thanks!

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