Um. . .

It’s the end of school.  We are all about wiped slap out.  I want to sleep for a week, get up and eat breakfast, then take a nap.  Other than that, I finally made the kids help clean up the fort they built last weekend.  Something about having every single blanket and kitchen chair in your home all in the middle of the living room floor just makes things feel a bit messy–never mind that the kitchen and laundry have taken on a life of their own.  It’s nearly 9:00 p.m.  The kids are just now eating dinner and watching Phineus and Ferb.

On a school night.

See?  nearly summer.  We did the fort early this year, so I guess we’ll do everything else early too.

Now for some random photos, because I WANT to blog, but that’s just not happenin’.


Victoria’s View, May, 2012

Some of these are from earlier than in May, however, she  needed to show her wonderful Uncle  the photos that she has taken with the camera he so generously loaned her–he’s paying it forward–and this was the quickest way to do so.  PLUS–now YOU get to see them too.

Click to see them larger–then you can scroll through at your own pace.

Odd Foods Make Just as Much Sense

My children have become “classic” rock fans. Classic rock NOW means what *I* listened to when I was their age. (I have an 8th grade-nearly 14 year-old. . .can you say “Land Down Under”, “Safety Dance”, Tears for Fears, Wham, Air Supply, Journey???). Thankfully, their understanding of the lyrics at this point is as clear as my understanding was long ago=NOT very clear. (It wasn’t until TWO YEARS AGO that I realized Men At Work was singing about illicit opium usage in that “Land Down Under” diddy. I’m cray like that. It’s all my swag. And the way I am a Boss.)

Alas, The Who is not asking a question to verify your identity. . .they are singing about Blue Oranges. The Steve Miller Band is not discussing sub tropical amour. . .no–it’s really Chocolate and Strawberry Mint that are making them crazy, crazy.

And who am I to correct them? They know perfectly well who they are–at least for a bit longer–and they have NO BUSINESS even THINKING about Jungle Love. Not until they are old enough to no longer know who they are. Just sayin’.

(BTW–the place where I found the blue oranges has some WAY COOL photos

Wedding Cake for Breakfast.

Wedding Cake for Breakfast is a new book of essays about the first year of marriage that is written by several different authors.  Alas, I am trying to win one, and this enters me to do so.  Go check it out at Joshilyn Jackson’s blog. And. . .um. . .my WordPress thing looks funky, so JUST IN CASE. . .HERE is the link not all cleverly disguised as the words to which it refers.

An interview with one of the contributors along with an excerpt of her essay here. It looks good!!!


I think that Thad MAY have just thrown up the kitchen sink. For realz. He is passed out on my bedroom floor atop a Mommy patented pallet with a plastic pitcher next to him for back-up. It’s kind of like when I’ve had kids at school with lice. . .I’m not sure if my queasy feeling is from sympathy and fear OR if my queasy feeling is a REAL queasy feeling. Only time will tell. *sigh*

Girls’ Retreat, 2012

Our Girls’ Retreat was at a different time this year. There was no swimming in the river in December, but poor Mrs. Opal ended up with LOTS of sand in her house.

It is quite a tribute to these young ladies that after spending ALL of my week with teen-agers, I am THRILLED to spend my weekend with MORE teen-agers.

I love them. . .every last one of them–even the sweet one I met for the first time this weekend.

I spend all week being Mrs. Langley–but getting to be Mrs. Roxanne is an honor.

I made a little Animoto video for them. For SOME reason, it won’t embed. . .but here is the link.

Girls’ Retreat, 2012.

LOVE Animoto. LOVE these girls. SO blessed to have them love me back.

Give Up

More Phineus and Ferb GOLD!!! Even if you’re not a fan, this is definitely worth a listen. Candace is ALWAYS trying to bust her brothers, but inevitably she is thwarted at the last minutes. In THIS episode, she is listening to an adult give a “don’t give up speech” but in true teenage fashion, Candace hears ONLY what she wants to hear. “Blah, blah, blah, give up. Blahbitty, blah, blah give up. Blah-blee, blah, give up.” Hence, this song. VERY funny–especially at the end.

Hey, it’s not really failure if you’re not even tryin’.